Hiring a Concrete Company for your Driveway 


Concrete driveways provide both durability and curb appeal. However, it should be installed by a professional and qualified concrete contractor to get the best out of your money. If I want to fix an old concrete driveway or to begin from nothing, I would discover quickly a lot of local stamped concrete company near me 

Concrete Company

Here are several signs that you hired a real expert for your driveway project: 

Get an Estimate for your Concrete Driveway 

Almost all concrete companies could provide a basic estimate through the telephone. However, the 1st step of a reputable firm before starting any project must be a complete examination of the space you plan to utilize, any existing driveway, or your house.  

Ask detailed inquiries about your upcoming project to know if your prospective concrete contractor is a real expert. That person must be able to provide a rough quote of the time it would take to finish the work, as well as provide an advice on how long you must postpone parking on your new driveway. 4 weeks enables concrete to gain optimal durability, and almost every expert would recommend waiting at least 2 weeks. You might want to pass on that company if your possible concrete contractor says less than a week. 

Cement Driveways could Crack 

In a lot of cases, concrete driveways are recognized for cracking soon after they are placed. Expert concrete contractor have a lot of knowledge of what causes these issues, and could also recommend on how to avoid these cracks. 1st, the company must have a working knowledge of water and its effects on the concrete. If they put more water in the concrete mix, you should expect to have a weaker driveway since concrete shrinks as it dries. Utilizing only the minimum level of water means less chance of cracks because it only shrinks less. 

Also, it is significant for the company to know the role of joint control in concrete to avoid cracks. The joints must be the depth of the concrete mix, with their usual distance apart calculated by multiplying by a factor of 3 or 2 the concrete thickness. For instance, a 5 inches concrete pour must joint every 15 or 10 feet. The joints enable the material to bend without cracking.  If not before, any unbroken and long stretch of concrete would crack during the 1st winter. 

Ask about the Installation of your Concrete Driveway 

Installing a driveway is not as easy as placing concrete mix and allowing it to dry. The company must begin by compressing the soil and then putting crush material on the top that is packed tightly. This is to ensure that the concrete driveway would last longer. Oftentimes, looser aggregate is placed down too and compressed again to offer a stable uniform depth base. 

Talk about the Possible Driveway Issues 

Ask the company what they would do if an issue occurs. The prospective company must begin providing you good suggestions to prevent such issue.