The Most Common Kitchen Designs You Can Try 

Modern kitchen cabinets and countertops are designed on one dimensional geometric figures principles such as triangles, rectangles and squares. The corner points or vertices of each figure used in kitchen design, has either a range, cupboard, sink, or a refrigerator in them. Furthermore, some basically small floor plans for designing kitchens have been made, basing on this principle. In this article, you will be able to learn some of the great kitchen ideas that professional kitchen remodeling companies often use. 

Common Kitchen Designs

 Most Common Styles for Your Kitchen  

  1. One Wall Design

This is actually considered as the most basic kitchen design. This is because it has a straight platform as well as all the bulky kitchen items like the range and kink, cupboard, and refrigerator are all placed in a straight line and the wall acts as the support. In addition to that, the single wall design is also a cheap and popular kitchen design plan and it works well if you want to combine the dining room, living room, and your kitchen. Also, several advanced kitchen and floor plans are typically based on this certain design. 

  1. The L-Shape Design

This design is also popular and is also used in some old styled homes. In this design, kitchens and dining rooms are combine. However, there is one disadvantage when you prefer to utilize this design. Gadgets are put at the corners and this means that you have to walk more when you will use a kitchen appliance. 

  1. The Corridor Plan

This design is another kind of the one-walled kitchen plan. Basically, this plan is implemented in certain places where kitchens are along the corridor or have double doors. Also, this kind of kitchen design plan includes 2 kitchen platforms that are parallel to each other. Also, this kind of kitchen design are more ideal for kitchens that have smaller length and width. Visit kitchen showrooms if you want to know more about this design. 

  1. The U-Shape Design

This design is often used in kitchens that have smaller sizes. And, as the name of this kitchen design suggests, the design plan of the kitchen has a U shape. One might refer to this design as an advanced design of a kitchen corridor plan. In addition to that, this U-shaped design is also very easy to design and build. 

  1. The Double L Kitchen Design

This particular design has a double L style located parallel to each other. Basically, the double L design is much easier to use compared to the conventional single L layout since the surface area could be extended. Aside from that, it also enables for the user of the kitchen to have more sink space in the kitchen. Most of the time, this design is used in houses wherein the living room and kitchen are combined. The smaller L-shaped platform in this design primarily acts as a partition between the two rooms. Furthermore, another benefit of this is the face that the homeowner can be able to use a much smaller version of this platform, which can serve as a table top for their meals.